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The internet is loaded with great well meaning information on how you can market your website.

One internet search for SEO, Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing will result in all kinds of tips, lessons and guides to digital marketing. Some of this information is relevant, while some is not. You can certainly learn SEO Digital Marketing by searching the internet, watching videos, and reading the articles. Eventually you will find that your success is going to be very limited. The reason for this has to do with the fact that you are not following a clear path to success. In fact, trying to follow the information and advice offered online will result in random acts of marketing. Because success in Digital Marketing requires a specific pathway that must be followed, applying random acts of marketing will not result in reaching a specific goal. Chances are if you are doing random acts of marketing, you don’t have a goal. As a digital marketer, I can guide you to marketing success by reviewing your website, analyzing your website’s content, helping you fix the issues that are blocking your online success, and teaching you how to add proper content, and track your website’s path to success.