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In order for a website to achieve a high ranking on Google, or any other search engine, it must be search engine friendly.

When a website is search engine friendly, the content on the website could be seen and read by both search engines, and the viewer. This means that the website must look good if it is being viewed on a computer, a smart phone or a tablet. Given that a website is search engine friendly, the next step is website optimization. Website optimization should be an ongoing process. As a website’s content grows, search engines crawl through the website and index all the relevant content. Each search engine utilizes a custom algorithm that is programmed to determine which websites appear first in a particular search. Some websites just need a few small adjustments before they can be optimized. Other websites need more serious work, and some can’t be made search engine friendly at all. Before we start the process of marketing a website for SEO, our staff will examine your website and determine if, or what changes are needed. It’s important to understand that the job skills of a website creator and a website marketer are completely different. In a perfect digital marketing world, the SEO marketing person will work with the website creator to construct a website that looks great, sells the desired product, and is SEO friendly.
Whether or not your website needs a small tweak, an overhaul and/or complete re-do, we have the staff that can get the job done.