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What’s the difference between Social Media and SEO marketing?

People often get confused between SEO and Social Media when considering digital marketing strategies. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a website’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Social Media marketing, refers to marketing on websites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Actually, there are currently 17 different search engines and 75 different social media sites that a marketing professional can utilize when doing digital marketing. As an expert in digital marketing, I understand that some social media websites work better for some select businesses, and not so well for other businesses. I often see businesses marketing themselves on social media websites that I know will never help them, while ignoring other social media websites that mesh perfectly with their target audience. Another aspect of digital marketing is the proper use of target keywords. The proper selection of keywords is critical to success in both SEO and Social Media. As a digital marketer I have a complete understanding when it comes to proper keyword usage.

While SEO and Social Media are different, managing both mediums so that they work together is the best way to achieve sales success.

The goal of SEO is to market certain website pages, using keywords that are based on your potential customers’ persona. Website pages that become more visible online, will lead your potential customers through your website and into what is known as a sales or conversion funnel. Once potential customers enter your website/funnel, they technically become leads. The goal of this sales funnel is to convert leads to qualified leads, and eventually into actual clients. While online search is one of the best ways to attract potential customers, many potential customers can enter your website through Social Media. While many people believe that social media plays a direct role in website ranking, this is somewhat true but not entirely true. It’s important to understand that a conflict exists between SEO and Social Media. Managed correctly, Social Media can have a positive effect on SEO. However, if not managed correctly, Social Media websites can be severely penalized, and in some cases removed from the platform.