SEO West Palm Beach | An interesting comparison.

As someone who works doing SEO in West Palm Beach I am always thinking about SEO and Digital Marketing.  Recently, I thought about this comparison between SEO and the Stock Market.

Like many other people, I own some stocks.  Am I a stock expert? I can’t say that I am.    However, since I do own some stocks, I have spent a fairly good amount of time trying to educate myself in the area of the stock market and investing.  While in the car, or riding my bike, I often listen to stock podcasts, stock investing audio books, I to educate myself as much as possible with the time I have available.  I also research my investments, and do my best to learn what to do, and what not to do in the world of investing.

Stockmarket and SEO charts.
Looking at a SEO stats graph is similar to looking at a stock chart. In addition to both looking similar the have more in common than just looking the same.

If you’re looking for someone to help you with SEO in the West Palm Beach area” or “If you’re looking for someone who does great SEO in West Palm Beach call me at 561 737-5561 I love watching my clients stats go up over time.

As a SEO West Palm Beach expert, I spend countless hours studying the art and science of SEO.   I must admit, I know much more about SEO then the stock market.  I also own and operate a photography business.   As a photographer, I studied digital marketing as a way of booking more jobs.  When I started my journey as an SEO expert, I applied everything I was learned to my photography website.  I also checked my stats every day to see what kind of progress I was making.  For the first few months my keyword and site visits climbed, and I was thrilled to watch my ranking grow.  Then one day, everything came crashing down.  I had no idea why.  That’s when anxiety set in.   If your are reading this, chances are you are a SEO or marketing expert who pays close attention to your website stats.  While checking my SEO stats I kept thinking, this is like looking at my stock investment charts.    When viewing both my stock charts and my SEO charts, one factor rings true.   Viewing your SEO charts and your stock charts both play havoc with your nerves.

As a South Florida based digital marketing expert, I am thrilled when my clients website stats go up.  When they decline it’s upsetting.  However, peaks and valleys are a fact of life.

Speaking about Peaks and Valleys, here is a good read. Peaks and Valleys the book

SEO West Palm Beach
Watching your SEO stats and your stock market investments could be like riding a roller coaster. However, if you do everything right, you will be successful in the long term.

As a stock market investor, I’m thrilled when my stock picks climb and reach new highs.  Watching the value of my investments grow is not only thrilling; it also produces the sense that I actually know what I’m doing.  When a stock falls it’s a disappointment that leaves me wondering if I had any business purchasing that particular stock in the first place.  That’s when the “What was I thinking?”  Thoughts begin.   One example is my purchase of B&G Foods (BGS).  One day I noticed that BGS was selling for 24.46 a new low off it’s high of 51.00 I researched this stock and found for following:  The company makes money, it pays a nice dividend, sells a product that everyone needs.  Given that information, I made my purchase.  Then it crashed all the way down to 16.  Ouch, that hurt.  Did I sell, no now it’s back up to 29.20, so I made money, I also collected that dividend, thank you.  If you take a step back and look at BGS’s long-term chart you can see it’s consistently climbing.

As a SEO West Palm Beach, I get that same thrill when I watch my keyword and visitor-ranking climb.  As I watch my keyword ranking climb from 1500 to 2000 or more, I get that sense of; hey I really know what I’m doing.  Then one day, for no good reason, my ranking of 2000 keywords drops to 1600.  As I think, what?   Then I just stare at my Ubersuggest or SEMrush stats and think, they must be wrong.   Actually they are correct.  Just like the stock market, sometimes keyword rankings drop for what seem like no good reason.  Your content could be perfectly written, with all the right outbound links, perfect use of keywords and no duplicate content.  There is that state of anxiety again, along with a dose of, what did I do wrong?  The reality is, you may not have done anything wrong.  Maybe Google changed their algorithm again, maybe your ranking changed as a result of other competing websites. It’s also possible your hosting company made a change.

SEO Expert in West Palm Beach, Florida
Success in SEO website marketing doesn’t happen over night. Just like your stock portfolio, studying the market, being consistent, and keeping your cool, all play a part in online success

In many cases, I did nothing wrong, what I have learned over time is, if I wait it out, my website stats will return to normal or even grow higher, that is if I keep adding high quality content.    This doesn’t mean I don’t take action, when my SEO stats drop.   I certainly do, because there is always a chance that I did make a mistake.  I just don’t panic.  Instead of freaking out, I simply check my past work for potential mistakes.  I go back and check my latest blog posts for potential issues, such as, too many keywords?  Did Google penalize me for keyword stuffing?  How about bogus backlinks?  I also use Yoast to check my content making sure my writing and SEO is correct.  I also realize that my drop in stats could be simply a matter of being out done by your competition, the solution add more content.

There are many reasons why your SEO stats could drop.  Some factors are completely out of your control.  A drop in ranking is reason for concern but not panic.  This is a time to check for possible SEO mistakes. 

Just like my SEO stats it’s easy to freaking out a bit when I see my stock portfolio take a dive.    There I am asking that it question again, how can this happen?  The company I own stock in makes money, has a great product, and even pays a dividend.  How could it crash?  Just like SEO, a stock taking a dive could have nothing to do with anything major.  Maybe, its just investors taking profits?  Maybe it’s a piece of disturbing news that really amounts to nothing long term.  Just like managing your website’s SEO, freaking, out when one of your stock picks takes a hit is not a time to panic.  Every stock investor will tell you, a down stock doesn’t necessarily mean, sell, it may just be a buying opportunity.  If I freaked out every time one of my stocks dipped, my nerves would be shot.

SEO and Stock investing follow the same formula, slow and steady.  I always say, nothing in SEO is fast, you can’t write a piece of content for a high volume keyword and expect to be on page one organically over night.  Getting a piece of content on page one, takes time along with consistent website content updates.  The same holds true for the stock market, although there are some lucky stocks that do increase dramatically in a matter of hours.  Then again, many crash back down to earth days later.  I remember listening to an investment podcast in which the stock expert said; watching your stock portfolio grow is like watching grass grow.  You can’t actually see it grow.  Then years later you are amazed that your portfolio grew so much, of course that is, if you choose good high quality stocks and stay diversified.

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Building equity online is as valuable as a high performing stock that pays a dividend.

Think about this, if you own equity in a high quality stock that posts earnings and pays a dividend, you will receive a continual quarterly payment.  This is money you receive for simply owning this investment.  For the investor working to build up this equity took lots of work and dedication, at one point the money invested results in a financial return that is ongoing.  This principle also applies to SEO.  Here is an example,  A client hired me to manage their website.  I was required to fix the problems on their website that prevented them from ranking online. Next I started the process of adding content and promoting their website.  For the first two months nothing happened.  Then after another month, they moved to position  70 (Page 7)  as tracked by  SEMrush and Google Search Console.  After another two months of adding more content and promoting their site, they moved up to page 3.  It took another 2 months for them to hit page one.  However, now they are staying on page one with little effort.  Because they have built some domain score equity, their website is now having an easier time ranking new keywords.  Their latest long-tail keyword phrase landed a page one ranking after only two months.  Of course a page one ranking is dependent on the keywords volume and difficulty.  My point is, just like building an investment  which pays a dividend on a regular basis,  bulding a high domain score also pays a dividend of sorts in the way of online traffic.  

Working as a SEO West Palm beach expert, I’m always studying my craft.  Just like learning about the stock market, learning about SEO or Digital Marketing in general requires a never-ending learning approach.  There is always more to learn.  In addition the world of SEO changes often.   In the future we voice search, and photo recognition will become more mainstream.  Just like continuously learning about the stock market, always studying SEO on a regular basis is required for success online.